“L’heure du thé fumant et des livres fermés”



The Salon de Thé -Bar L’Arôme invites you on an olfactory, gourmet and generous journey!

Open every day from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Comfortably seated in a deep armchair or sofa in its cozy contemporary interior space, conducive to reading or discussions with friends, immersed in its glass room which overlooks the garden or, like the poet Paul Verlaine, seated in his lounge space combining the Belle spirit Period and colorful design furniture, let yourself be carried away, according to your inspirations, by the exclusive fragrances of our selection of teas accompanied by sweet temptations. Fancy a happy hour relaxing break with colleagues, or a romantic one-on-one with night owls? The barman of Verlaine offers a la carte, for connoisseurs a rich range of beers, aperitifs, liqueurs, Gin, Rums, and refined whiskey …